Helping You Choose an Appropriate Monument


Helping You Choose an Appropriate Monument

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Your loved one has died and you want to honor their memory with a monument on their grave. How do you choose the right one? What are the different types of monuments? Are there restrictions within the different Jewish traditions with respect to monuments? Do the different cemeteries have their own restrictions?

At Gutterman’s and Gutterman Warheit, with chapels in New York and Florida, we have provided comprehensive funeral and memorial services to members of the Jewish community for more than 125 years. We will work closely with you to select and purchase a monument that meets all rules and restrictions for cemeteries in New York, New Jersey and in and around Boca Raton, Florida. We will confirm in advance that your monument is in compliance and will be your liaison in all interactions with cemetery officials.

Because of our longstanding relationships with monument manufacturers, we offer a great deal of flexibility when you’re choosing a monument. You can take a picture of a monument you like and we’ll send it to the factory. You can also choose from one of the many different monuments below.

We know that nothing can do more to honor a life well lived than a granite footstone, headstone or other monument. The monuments we offer are carefully handcrafted to your specifications by professional craftsmen with years of experience.

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For assistance choosing a monument or for answers to any of your questions, call us at one of the numbers listed below or contact us online.

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