With over 100 years of experience directing Jewish funerals, Gutterman’s is one of the largest family owned and operated firms of its kind in the nation.

At Gutterman’s we believe that providing Jewish funeral services is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding high professional and service standards. We are committed to conduct ourselves and our establishments in keeping with the traditions of our faith.

As a family business, we are proud of our reputation for providing services with uncommon sensitivity, professionalism and fairness. Gutterman’s is always responsive to your needs.



Jules BelkinNew Montefiore CemeteryThur Mar 2612 Noon
Emilia JaclinMt. Ararat CemeteryThur Mar 2611:00 AM
Sydney NymanWellwood CemeteryFri Mar 271:30 PM
Sydney BermitzWoodbury ChapelFri Mar 271:00 PM
Hannah MarcusRockville Centre ChapelSun Mar 2910:00 AM
Barbara ZangNew Montefiore CemeterySun Mar 2910:30 AM
Blanche SolomonOld Westbury Hebrew Cong.Sun Mar 2911:00 AM
Myra JaffeSharon Gardens CemeterySun Mar 2911:00 AM
Bernice CohenRockville Centre ChapelSun Mar 2911:00 AM
Sheldon LefkowitzRockville Centre ChapelSun Mar 2912 Noon
Edward BronsteinBrooklyn ChapelSun Mar 2911:00 AM
Yenta FriedmanBrooklyn ChapelSun Mar 2910:00 AM
William BeerWoodbury ChapelSun Mar 2912 Noon
Lenore GellmanBeth David CemeterySun Mar 291:00 PM
Sara KraftWoodbury ChapelSun Mar 291:00 PM
Fred GordonWoodbury ChapelSun Mar 292:00 PM
Evelyn LawrenceRockville Centre ChapelMon Mar 3010:00 AM
Distouhi VartanianCedar Grove CemeteryTue Mar 3111:00 AM
Lorraine AsterWoodbury ChapelTue Mar 3111:00 AM
Ira RobinsB'nai Torah: Boca RatonTue Mar 3111:00 AM
Norman AdlerNew Montefiore CemeteryTue Mar 3111:00 AM
Sandie MelamedMt. Ararat CemeteryTue Mar 3111:00 AM
Mitchel LubmanWoodbury ChapelTue Mar 3110:00 AM
Judith SnowWoodbury ChapelTue Mar 313:00 PM
Irma StecherWoodbury ChapelTue Mar 311:00 PM
Annette RinglerWoodbury ChapelWed Apr 110:00 AM
Toby LiebermanRockville Centre ChapelWed Apr 111:00 AM
Frances FoxWellwood CemeteryWed Apr 111:00 AM
Louis IsraeltonBeth Moses CemeteryWed Apr 111:00 AM
Gerald RovnerRockville Centre ChapelWed Apr 112 Noon
Gutek HochbaumNew Montefiore CemeteryWed Apr 111:00 AM
Barry PopkinWoodbury ChapelThur Apr 22:00 PM
Mildred RubinRiverside CemeterySun Apr 511:00 AM
Fred BaruchinWoodbury ChapelSun Apr 193:00 PM


Stewart Gutterman*
Philip Gutterman
Steven Kanowitz
Kenneth Lassman
Paul Libsman
Patrick Falletta
Michael Jacobson*
Howard C. Kotkin*
Robert Sherman*
Elliott Wolfe*

*Of Blessed Memory


Rockville Centre, Long Island
Woodbury, Long Island
Boca Raton, Florida