With over 100 years of experience directing Jewish funerals, Gutterman’s is one of the largest family owned and operated firms of its kind in the nation.

At Gutterman’s we believe that providing Jewish funeral services is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding high professional and service standards. We are committed to conduct ourselves and our establishments in keeping with the traditions of our faith.

As a family business, we are proud of our reputation for providing services with uncommon sensitivity, professionalism and fairness. Gutterman’s is always responsive to your needs.



Harriet UngarWoodbury ChapelSun Mar 199:00 AM
Anne KaplanRockville Centre ChapelSun Mar 1910:00 AM
Edward FlaxWoodbury ChapelSun Mar 1910:00 AM
Dorothy BreskyMount Ararat CemeterySun Mar 1911:00 AM
Shirley SavalMenorah Gardens CemeterySun Mar 1911:30 AM
Martin JacobsonWoodbury ChapelSun Mar 1912 Noon
Theodore RiceRockville Centre ChapelSun Mar 1912 Noon
Deborah Baum DrewWoodbury ChapelMon Mar 2010:00 AM
Bernard LesnerNew Montefiore CemeteryMon Mar 2010:30 AM
Elliott GrunnerNew Montefiore CemeteryMon Mar 2011:30 AM
Theodore AdamsSouth FL National CemeteryMon Mar 201:00 PM
Philip RavskiBeth Moses CemeteryMon Mar 201:00 PM
Adele SusskindBeth Israel Cemetery: NJMon Mar 201:00 PM
Deborah Lynn PageRockville Centre ChapelWed Mar 2210:00 AM
Jeffrey Marc Frankel Memorial Service: FLWed Mar 2211:00 AM
Lisa GoldschmidtRockville Centre ChapelWed Mar 2212 Noon
Frances Jackey HisigerWoodbury ChapelWed Mar 2212 Noon
Barbara CohenNew Montefiore CemeteryWed Mar 222:00 PM
Eleanor BetzRockville Centre ChapelWed Mar 223:00 PM
Sunya CanterNew Montefiore CemeteryThu Mar 2310:30 AM
Marilyn MillerMount Ararat CemeteryThu Mar 2311:00 AM
Dorothy FreedmanNew Montefiore CemeteryThu Mar 2311:00 AM
Lesley KatzMount Ararat CemeteryThu Mar 2311:00 AM
Alberta GoldrichRiverside Cemetery:NJThu Mar 2311:00 AM
Claire BorkumRockville Centre ChapelThu Mar 2312 Noon
Diane ChadowWoodbury ChapelFri Mar 2410:00 AM
Esther EllmanBeth David CemeteryFri Mar 2410:30 AM
Alvin BassonNew Montefiore CemeteryFri Mar 2411:00 AM
Richard GetterRockville Centre ChapelFri Mar 2411:00 AM
Bernice SteinmanBrooklyn ChapelFri Mar 2411:30 AM
Ruth Gelbman AlbertWoodbury ChapelFri Mar 2412 Noon
Barbara EisenbergWoodbury ChapelFri Mar 241:00 PM
Arthur AtlasBeth Moses CemeteryFri Mar 241:30 PM
Carolyn S. AckermanCalverton National CemeteryFri Mar 241:30 PM
Annette SerebrenickMt. Hebron CemeteryFri Mar 242:00 PM
Rita SherMount Lebanon CemeterySun Mar 2611:00 AM
Evelyn DickertRockville Centre ChapelSun Mar 2611:00 AM
David CharnerMount Hebron CemeteryTue Mar 281:45 PM
Sylvia BradburdMemorial Service: FLTue Apr 42:30 PM
Sheldon KleinfeldBeth David CemeterySun Apr 2311:30 AM


Stewart Gutterman*
Philip Gutterman
Steven Kanowitz
Kenneth Lassman
Paul Libsman
Patrick Falletta
Michael Jacobson*
Howard C. Kotkin*
Robert Sherman*
Elliott Wolfe*

*Of Blessed Memory


Rockville Centre, Long Island
Woodbury, Long Island
Boca Raton, Florida