With over 100 years of experience directing Jewish funerals, Gutterman’s is one of the largest family owned and operated firms of its kind in the nation.

At Gutterman’s we believe that providing Jewish funeral services is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding high professional and service standards. We are committed to conduct ourselves and our establishments in keeping with the traditions of our faith.

As a family business, we are proud of our reputation for providing services with uncommon sensitivity, professionalism and fairness. Gutterman’s is always responsive to your needs.



Rachael MontalbanoRockville Centre ChapelFri Nov 2012 Noon
Eric Todd LawrenceWoodbury ChapelFri Nov 2010:00 AM
Dorrit Erika WoolfMt. Hope CemeteryFri Nov 2011:00 AM
Shirley RossRockville Centre ChapelFri Nov 2010:00 AM
Steven EismanWoodbury ChapelFri Nov 2012 Noon
Norman MoglinMontefiore CemeterySun Nov 221:00 PM
Toby MarcusRockville Centre ChapelSun Nov 2210:00 AM
Lawrence RosenmanBeth Israel CemeterySun Nov 2211:00 AM
Jean YotiveWoodbury ChapelSun Nov 2210:00 AM
Mabel GerberMt. Hebron CemeterySun Nov 2211:00 AM
Lewis FeldmanWoodbury ChapelSun Nov 221:00 PM
Alyce RubinsteinMt. Hebron CemeteryMon Nov 2311:00 AM
Albert KatzCalverton National CemeteryMon Nov 2310:00 AM
Ruth LevineBeth David CemeteryMon Nov 231:00 PM
Edith FriedmanCent Synagogue Rockville CtrMon Nov 231:45 PM
Gerald SprinskyNew Montefiore CemeteryMon Nov 232:30 PM
Robert RobinsonBeth Moses CemeteryMon Nov 231:00 PM
Richard SacksBoca Raton ChapelMon Nov 2312 Noon
Muriel MayerNew Montefiore CemeteryTue Nov 2410:30 AM
Edward SeidmanRockville Centre ChapelTue Nov 2412 Noon
Rosalind GroskinWoodbury ChapelTue Nov 2411:00 AM
Gerald GreenbergTemple Sinai of RoslynTue Nov 2412 Noon
Hyman CohenRockville Centre ChapelTue Nov 2410:00 AM
Harvey ZausnerMt. Ararat CemeteryTue Nov 241:00 PM
Pearl AshleyWoodbury ChapelTue Nov 2410:00 AM
Selma HeyligersWoodbury ChapelWed Nov 2512 Noon
Evelyn MolderBeth David CemeteryWed Nov 2511:00 AM
Rose LaxBeth Moses CemeteryWed Nov 253:00 PM
Marvin GehnWoodbury ChapelFri Nov 2710:00 AM
Bernard SwallowWoodbury ChapelFri Nov 2711:00 AM
Harvey MossMt. Ararat CemeteryFri Nov 271:00 PM
Peggy Beckler SternWoodbury ChapelFri Nov 2712 Noon
Julian AbramsRockville Centre ChapelFri Nov 2712 Noon
Belle KahnBeth David CemeteryMon Nov 3011:00 AM


Stewart Gutterman*
Philip Gutterman
Steven Kanowitz
Kenneth Lassman
Paul Libsman
Patrick Falletta
Michael Jacobson*
Howard C. Kotkin*
Robert Sherman*
Elliott Wolfe*

*Of Blessed Memory


Rockville Centre, Long Island
Woodbury, Long Island
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