With over 100 years of experience directing Jewish funerals, Gutterman’s is one of the largest family owned and operated firms of its kind in the nation.

At Gutterman’s we believe that providing Jewish funeral services is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding high professional and service standards. We are committed to conduct ourselves and our establishments in keeping with the traditions of our faith.

As a family business, we are proud of our reputation for providing services with uncommon sensitivity, professionalism and fairness. Gutterman’s is always responsive to your needs.



Sylvia DavisRockville Centre ChapelMon Feb 1210:00 AM
Ethel GlaslowMt. Ararat Cemetery Mon Feb 1210:00 AM
Mildred AbramsNew Montefiore CemeteryMon Feb 1211:00 AM
Sylvia GerardNew Montefiore CemeteryMon Feb 121:00 PM
Marcy BrownWoodbury ChapelMon Feb 121:00 PM
Sylvia FriedmanNew Montefiore CemeteryMon Feb 122:00 PM
Charles GaryPinelawn Memorial ParkTue Feb 1310:00 AM
Donald SternbergRockville Centre ChapelTue Feb 1312 Noon
Jerome HaasIJ Morris Chapel: BrooklynTue Feb 1311:30 AM
David ShoreTemple Beth El Maus: FLTue Feb 132:00 PM
Richard SchlesingerWoodbury ChapelTue Feb 133:00 PM
Dorothy FosterEternal Light Cemetery: FLWed Feb 1410:00 AM
Arlene WeisburdNew Montefiore CemeteryWed Feb 1410:30 AM
Gloria SchimmelBeth David CemeteryWed Feb 1411:00 AM
Helen LowittCedar Park Cemetery: NJWed Feb 1411:00 AM
Miriam KrauseWoodbury ChapelWed Feb 1412 Noon
Anita LilienfeldRockville Centre ChapelWed Feb 1412 Noon
Rhoda GreenbergWoodbury ChapelWed Feb 141:00 PM
Milton SchumanEternal Light Mausoleum: FLWed Feb 141:30 PM
Martin BertischWoodbury ChapelWed Feb 142:00 PM
Irving HirschRockville Centre ChapelThur Feb 1511:00 AM
Sarah RavetzWoodbury ChapelThur Feb 1511:00 AM
Bess WeinsteinBeth Moses CemeteryThur Feb 1511:00 AM
Renee LeibowitzNew Montefiore CemeteryThur Feb 1511:00 AM
Helen KleinWoodbury ChapelFri Feb 1610:00 AM
Sheila VorobaPinelawn Memorial ParkFri Feb 1611:00 AM
Francine HaberBeth David CemeteryFri Feb 1611:00 AM
Esther LevyKnollwood Park CemeteryFri Feb 1611:00 AM
Marjorie GottfriedRockville Centre ChapelFri Feb 1612 Noon
Harold HanauerWoodbury ChapelFri Feb 161:00 PM
Selma RosemanNew Montefiore CemeteryFri Feb 161:00 PM
Melvin WinterBeth David CemeteryFri Feb 162:00 PM
Dr. Ira TaubBoca Raton ChapelSun Feb 189:30 AM
Natalee KleinRockville Centre ChapelSun Feb 189:45 AM
Alan RaftermanWoodbury ChapelSun Feb 1810:00 AM
Gloria LevenstiemBeth David CemeterySun Feb 1811:00 AM
Steven TurkishWoodbury ChapelSun Feb 1812 Noon
Julie EismanRockville Centre ChapelSun Feb 1812 Noon
Cecilia BrodieWoodbury ChapelSun Feb 181:00 PM
Myron KrugerSchwartz Bros Chapel: QueensSun Feb 181:00 PM
Edward WassersonBoca Raton ChapelSun Feb 181:30 PM
Edith GordonWoodbury ChapelSun Feb 182:00 PM
Flossie KusnickRockville Centre ChapelSun Feb 183-5 PM
Ira TobackWoodbury ChapelMon Feb 1911:00 AM
Alan Drew MorrisWoodbury ChapelMon Feb 1912 Noon
Paula MarenbergWoodbury ChapelMon Feb 191:00 PM
Joel KasteinNew Montefiore CemeteryTue Feb 2011:00 AM
Lucille LaneNew Montefiore CemeteryTue Feb 2011:00 AM
Jacob FrankelNew Montefiore CemeteryTue Feb 2011:30 AM
Gertrude WallachBeth Moses CemeteryTue Feb 2011:30 AM
Harriet LefkowitzBoca Raton ChapelTue Feb 2012:45 PM
Selma MerrittMt. Ararat Cemetery Fri Feb 231:00 PM
Esther BloomDetails to follow
Laurence GoldfarbDetails to follow
Gloria CassonDetails to follow


Stewart Gutterman*
Philip Gutterman
Steven Kanowitz
Kenneth Lassman
Paul Libsman
Patrick Falletta
Michael Jacobson*
Howard C. Kotkin*
Robert Sherman*
Elliott Wolfe*

*Of Blessed Memory


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Woodbury, Long Island
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