With over 100 years of experience directing Jewish funerals, Gutterman’s is one of the largest family owned and operated firms of its kind in the nation.

At Gutterman’s we believe that providing Jewish funeral services is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding high professional and service standards. We are committed to conduct ourselves and our establishments in keeping with the traditions of our faith.

As a family business, we are proud of our reputation for providing services with uncommon sensitivity, professionalism and fairness. Gutterman’s is always responsive to your needs.



Helene MalkinBeth Moses CemeterySun Jan 1410:00 AM
Miriam TerryRockville Centre ChapelSun Jan 1410:00 AM
Yetta EisnerBeth David CemeterySun Jan 1410:30 AM
Marilyn RosenesWoodbury ChapelSun Jan 1411:00 AM
Solomon GoldBeth Israel Cemetery: NJSun Jan 1411:00 AM
Eric OppenheimerTemple Gates of ZionSun Jan 1412 Noon
Martin SussWoodbury ChapelSun Jan 1412 Noon
David KleinRockville Centre ChapelSun Jan 1412 Noon
Selma BrainumNew Montefiore Cemetery Sun Jan 141:00 PM
Doris BrodyWoodbury ChapelSun Jan 141:00 PM
Norman CohenNew Montefiore Cemetery Sun Jan 141:30 PM
Rosalie MillerWoodbury ChapelSun Jan 142:00 PM
Milton PilchWoodbury ChapelSun Jan 143:00 PM
Allan HorowitzBeth Moses CemeterySun Jan 141:00 PM
Howard DanzigWoodbury ChapelMon Jan 1510:00 AM
Sydelle DubiBoca Raton ChapelMon Jan 1510:45 AM
Leonora GreeneNew Montefiore Cemetery Mon Jan 1511:30 AM
Stanley GreenMt. Ararat Cemetery Mon Jan 151:00 PM
Luis SimmsCedar Park Cemetery: NJMon Jan 152:00 PM
Jennifer TobiasRockville Centre ChapelMon Jan 156:30 PM
Robert YaffeWoodbury ChapelTue Jan 1610:00 AM
Abbidoris PeckerNew Montefiore Cemetery Tue Jan 1611:00 AM
Martin DinhoferWoodbury ChapelTue Jan 1612 Noon
Joseph ChazinKing Solomon Cemetery: NJTue Jan 1612 Noon
Meryl MartelWoodbury ChapelTue Jan 161:00 PM
Ralph SpevackWellwood CemeteryTue Jan 161:00 PM
Richard AlbertMt. Hebron CemeteryTue Jan 161:00 PM
Herman ChesterSharon Gardens CemeteryWed Jan 1711:00 AM
Nathan KantorBeth El Cemetery: NJWed Jan 1711:30 AM
Charlotte BudishEternal Light Cemetery: FLWed Jan 1711:30 AM
Nancy OrlandoWoodbury ChapelWed Jan 172:00 PM
Martin StromBoca Raton ChapelWed Jan 173:00 PM
Evan H. SchimpfWoodbury ChapelThur Jan 1810:00 AM
Stanley BlitzMontefiore Cemetery Thur Jan 1811:00 AM
Jeffrey BeharRockville Centre ChapelThur Jan 1811:00 AM
David WeisbergerMontefiore Cemetery Thur Jan 1811:00 AM
Marvin ShabermanCedar Park Cemetery: NJThur Jan 181:00 PM
Renee GlickmanWoodbury ChapelFri Jan 1910:00 AM
Pearl LevyBeth David CemeteryFri Jan 1911:00 AM
Herbert ZimmermanWoodbury ChapelFri Jan 1912 Noon
Martin StromBeth David CemeteryFri Jan 191:00 PM
Anita GormanRockville Centre ChapelFri Jan 191:00 PM
Arlene SaftlerWellwood CemeterySun Jan 2110:00 AM
Bernice DavidsonBeth Moses CemeterySun Jan 2110:00 AM
Robert SpevakWestchester Jewish Ctr Cemetery Sun Jan 2111:00 AM
Ilona GrillBeth El Cemetery: NJSun Jan 2111:00 AM
Stanley MeyrowitzWoodbury ChapelSun Jan 2111:00 AM
Kenneth SonnenbergBeth David CemeterySun Jan 212:00 PM


Stewart Gutterman*
Philip Gutterman
Steven Kanowitz
Kenneth Lassman
Paul Libsman
Patrick Falletta
Michael Jacobson*
Howard C. Kotkin*
Robert Sherman*
Elliott Wolfe*

*Of Blessed Memory


Rockville Centre, Long Island
Woodbury, Long Island
Boca Raton, Florida